True Process Of Healing

Most of us think the path for healing is for someone to take the energy of "healing" and zap it to where we need it.
That's not true.
Healing only happens when you let light in. 
It is you who can cause your reality to morph.
It is you who has the power to heal yourself.
It is you not anyone else.
No matter what type of physical or emotional pain you have, the true healing only happens when your mind is in alignment with well-being.
Here are the basic steps of healing.
1. Make peace with where you are.
2. Focus on where you want to be, soften your resistance and feel the ease.
3. Your improved emotion will cause your reality to morph, and then things will start to improve.
So what's the benefit of crystal and metal? 
Everything in the physical Universe is vibrating.
Crystal and metal have clarity of vibration that allows the energy to flow through them.
We can feel such flow, and that makes them the powerful tools to help us soften our resistance and be open-minded.
In essence, Crystals and metals act as  catalyst for belief. Once we let the light in, healing can actually happen fairly quick.