Life Becomes Easy
My Mission
Awaken your joyful inner mind in a stressful world
Why Do I Create Talisman
A tiny talisman my mom gave me 30 years ago,
taught me the life secrets that words failed to convey.
I then saw a better way.

I am an artist,
working and living in southern California now,
but I grew up in a small harmonious town
on the other side of the globe.
This is where I am from
My Story
I remember when I was little
Everyone was poor in my part of the world.
The first 6 years of my life
My family lived in a 129 square feet apartment
with no bathroom.
You might think my life was miserable back then.
but No,
I Was Happy.

Growing up,
I experienced a series of sweeping economic changes.
I had more and more.
I desired more and more.
and I got more and more.
People always told me
I am lucky.
I know I am.

Most of us believe getting what we want will make us happy.
That's the whole point of desires,
Isn't it ?
We expect to be happy when it happens.
But I found the opposite is true.
What we want will come if we can find a way to feel happy first.

But how can we be happy when situations are not what we want ?
I have a secret.
It was the talisman from my mom .
She gave it to me when I was little and we named it happy.
Over the years, it became my connection to my inner wisdom.
It was my escape to have happier thought when I was not supposed to.

I can't explain why,
but my happy thought caused my world to morph.
Happy brought me synchronicity.
Happy attracted more happy.
Slowly I learned to choose happy no matter what,
Because happy is the goal anyway.

I understand now,
We create the experience of our own reality each and every minute.
Nothing happens by chance.
We are morphing our world constantly,
but when we get in touch with our inner wisdom,
We see our world as it is, not as it appears to be,
Then life becomes easy.
It's the state of effortless manifestation we are all seeking.
It's a feeling only you know.

My mom taught me the life secret through an object of art.
I am doing the same thing now,
To evoke your intuition and inner wisdom,
So you can experience miracles.
You can create Miracles
If it's not a good fit,
I have 30-day hassle free money back guarantee.
Awaken your inner wisdom through my Art
miracles happen