I am on a mission to help you remember your magic
Why I Create
A tiny crystal talisman my mom gave me 30 years ago, 
taught me the life secrets that words failed to convey. 
I realized creating things to help us re-member our magic is my passion.
I'm from this world, full of magic.
My Story
Born and raised in southwestern China, Yunnan, where Shangri-la is, 
I know what true happiness feels like.

The first 6 years of my life, my family lived in a 129 square feet tiny apartment with no bath. 
You might think my life was miserable back then, but the truth is I was happy.  
We all believe fulfilling desires will make us happy, but I find the opposite is true.
Being in a positive state of mind first, 
leads us to our dreams.
I couldn't explain why, 
but it seems like our mind really can cause our world to morph.

Growing up, I experienced a series of sweeping economic changes.
I got more and more, and I desired more and more.

15 years ago, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue graduate degree in art.
10 years later, I found myself settled here, married with two beautiful girls.

Being a mom made me think a lot.
I often ask myself,
what is the most important thing I should teach my children,
so I know they can lead a happy life even when I am not around.
After a while, I figured, 
it is the ability to have a positive mindset no matter what happens.
This brought me back to my childhood, and my little crystal talisman.

My mom gave me "super power" through a small object of art. 
I want to do the same.
Touch the Miracle of Mindfulness
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