Mini 18k solid rose gold minimalist talisman pendant necklace with natural money crystal (citrine) - six senses talisman

This little minimalist 18k solid rose gold talisman pendant necklace is for Money and Wealth. It features the finest natural money crystal ( citrine ) and fuses mindfulness and  citrine healing crystal into one tiny modern object of art. Realizing you are in charge of your abundance, then you will always be in the right place at the right time.

Talisman Pendant :

    • 18k solid rose gold
    • Natural money crystal - citrine
    • Pendant size: 9 mm W * 9 mm D * 18 mm H
    • Money crystal size:  8 mm W * 8 mm D * 9 mm H


    • 18K solid rose gold
    • Adjustable cable chain, 1 mm wide, 40.5 cm - 45 cm (16" - 17.5")  long.
    • Spring ring clasp

Why is it special?

    • Sacred Geometry :
      • hexagon, hidden flower of life, hidden seed of life.
    • Crystal Structure :
      • connect to the flow of the Universe.
    • Natural Citrine Meaning :
      • wealth - abundance - luck
    • Forgotten Ancient Wisdom :
      • talisman is your own protection necklace spell
      • being mindful, paying attention to your breathing, feeling peace in this busy world
    • Everlasting Earth Element Heals:
      • solid rose gold - natural money crystal, citrine 
    • Each piece is handcrafted by master artisan, infused with mindfulness.

This listing is for both pendant and chain. If you wish to have the pendant only, please click here.

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